Dolev did an amazing job hosting my husband and I on a half-day biking experience through Tel Aviv and Jaffa. He provided engaging history & cultural insights throughout the tour while keeping us moving throughout the whole city. We loved seeing the city on bike and through Dolev’s local perspective. We would highly recommend this tour, particularly on your first day or two in the city to help you get fully oriented and informed on the incredible history and culture of this place.

Ellison S., Texas USA, November 2018

Our family loves being active on vacation and we love bike riding. We booked a 3 hour guided bike ride, including some cave exploring. Our guide, Dolev, was great. He explained a lot of historical information about the area and made everything interesting for the kids (ages 16, 14 and 11). It was a hot day and when we ran out of water another employee from Trailhead brought us more water. The uphill climb was worth the views, as well as, the amazing ride down hill. I highly recommend Trailhead!

Amy G., NJ USA, September 2018

We consider ourselves very lucky to have stumbled upon Nekudat Motza (TrailHead) bikes, near Beit Shemesh. We were looking for a physical activity to do with our younger kids (ages 11-19), and this was the perfect choice.

The guys at TrailHead are 
knowledgeable, friendly and super-
service-oriented. They patiently 
explained the equipment (new bikes!) and the routes and options before we set out.

The trails are mostly asphalt, which suit us city folk very well. There are just enough inclines to keep it 
challenging. The routes take you to a number of archeological sites. We chose to visit Etri, a Jewish settlement from the second century 
that includes a Mikva, winepress and more. The view from there is breathtaking.

TrailHead distributes maps showing 
how to get there and even gives their riders bike locks so that the bikes can be tethered safely before 
venturing on the short hikes to the 
ancient sites.

The best part? The way back is mostly downhill. 🙂

The route to Etri and back, including the short hike, and with a weakish 
young rider, took us two hours. 

We were pleasantly surprised to be treated with ice pops on our return!

The rental price is a bit steeper than we’ve paid at other bike rental 
businesses, and the time limit for the least expensive option is 
shorter than other places, too. But 
the service here is really 

I’d recommend very early in the day 
or late afternoon, especially if 
biking during summer vacation, since there is absolutely no shade throughout the entire route.

My kids are already planning their next bike trip via TrailHead!

Ahuva, Jerusalem Israel, August 2018

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