Adulam - the Judean Hills

It takes just about one hour drive from Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv to reach the beautiful region of the Judean Hills. Once upon a time this was a very populated area, where famous Biblical events took place (David, Goliath and Samson all traversed these hills), and today it offers a tranquil expanse spotted with vineyards, wineries, open fields, local breweries, wild nature and more.

Join us on an introductory excursion, off the beaten track, and explore on bicycle and on foot the ancient ruins, caves and open outdoors of our region – all in one of Israel’s most pastoral landscapes.

We will start the tour at TrailHead site, in Moshav Zafririm. After a short brief we will fit the riders with bikes and helmets, and start riding through the Adulam hills, surrounded by natural vegetation, fields and vineyards. There are many routes and options, easy to make it enjoyable for unexperienced riders as well as for the enthusiasts. We will stop and head out to explore ancient ruins dated to the times of the Romans, tracking traces of settlements from the Second Temple era. Visitors here have a chance to explore some caves, compare past and present agriculture, and learn about the Judea area from one of the viewpoints. We will complete the tour back at TrailHead.

Highlights include:

  • Ancient ruins that tell a riveting story spanning 2000 years of local history!
  • Crawling in hiding caves, from the time of the local rebellion against the Romans.
  • Ancient agriculture meets the modern world – making wine, then and today.
  • Enjoying the tranquility and nature of the beautiful Judean hills, in the center of Israel.

A few more details, costs and options

There are 2 options for this tour. Please see below:

A shorter option, for those who want to focus –

  • 2-3 hours tour, either in the morning or in the afternoon.
  • We supply the bicycles, helmets, and a guide of-course.
  • Hard-tail Mountain Bikes.

The longer option, for those with more time in their plan –

  • Up to a full day!
  • We supply the bicycles, helmets, a guide of-course, and some refreshments.
  • More options in terms of routes and bike types – MTBs, Hybrids, Road bikes.
  • We can make it a longer ride, or have optional additions on the route or after the ride –

Bet Guvrin National park, wineries, beer brewery, art/music/chocolate workshops, and more…

This tour can be handled in a few ways. For details, costs and options – please contact us! (Best is to start with an email…).