Tour Guiding

Well, apart from riding our bikes all day long in the Ella Valley region of the Judean Hills –
which is what you might think we are doing if you wondered a bit through this website…
– we are also official Israeli Tour Guides. What does this mean?
It means that we are allowed to take tourists on a tour in any part of the country.
But let’s leave the formalities aside.
We simply know this piece of land quite well, and we love touring, hiking, and biking through it.

If you are looking for a local guide, that can take you to the “must visit” sites,
as well as to some “off the beaten track”, tell you about the history, the present,
the natural habitat and the people of the land of israel – you got to the right place.

We can do it by car, on bikes or by foot.

We can do it for a few hours, for a full day, or for multiple days’ itinerary.

Contact us!