‘Nekudat Motsa’ in Hebrew means Trail-Head or simply ‘the starting point’. This is both an actual place, and also what we call our small group. The place is this shop of bikes for rent in the heart of the Judean Hills, the region of the Ella Valley. It is beautiful around here, and many things happened here in the past – David walked through here before becoming a king, Samson too, and some rebels that left their historical and archeological marks. And the group refers to our small bunch of local – and certified – Israeli tour guides, that will be happy to show you around here, or in any other parts of Israel, on bikes, on foot, or in a car.


"...Our guide‭, ‬Dolev‭, ‬was great‭. ‬He explained a lot of historical information about the area and made everything interesting‭ ‬for the kids‭ (‬ages 16‭, ‬14‭ ‬and 11‭). ‬‬The uphill climb was worth the views‭, ‬as well as‭, ‬the amazing ride down hill‭. ‬I highly recommend Trailhead‭!‬"

Amy G‭., ‬NJ USA, September 2018


"...‬We loved seeing the city on bike and through Dolev’s local perspective‭. ‬We would highly recommend this tour‭, ‬particularly on your first day or two in the city to help you get fully oriented and informed on the incredible history and culture of this place‭.‬"

Ellison S‭., ‬Texas USA, November 2018