Uri Tishler

I’m Uri Tishler. One of the things that really makes me happy is simply being outdoors. Hiking, cycling, driving… nights in a sleeping bag gazing at stars, sunny days under a Carob tree or meandering along a winding mountain path. I love exploring new places, but I have to admit – since 1996 when we moved to the Judean Hills, this is my favorite “outdoors”. Well…, it is right here, it is so beautiful and serene, and I can simply escape into complete isolation in five minutes on my bike.

For years I was used to dragging others along with me. Families with young children, friends who also love to grab a backpack and head off for a long weekend in the Negev, and neighbors who one after the other bought a bicycle to join me on my weekend rides. Then, one fine morning I woke up and decided that this is what I want to do all the time.

I quit my job as an Operation Manager and replaced the factory indoors with the Israeli outdoors. I have added an Israeli tour guide tag to that, and destinations all over the country, in most means of exploration – a car, 4X4 vehicle, pedals, or… simply two legs. In a nutshell, I hope to meet you here, there and everywhere in Israel and explore its beauties together.