Dolev Arbaieter

My name is Dolev Arbaieter. I am a certified Israeli tour guide and a rappelling instructor. For as long as I can remember I have been exploring the great outdoors and my surrounding. As a child I have hiked and discovered many of Israel’s hidden spots, waded its springs and explored its ancient ruins. After high school I postponed my military service by one year in which I served as a guide in JNF’s “Green horizons” youth movement which offers educational outdoor activities for youth in Israel. While studying for degrees in Psychology, and History of the Jewish Nation. I have lived in the heart of Jerusalem and had a chance to explore and learn its rich history and sites. Today I live as close to nature as can be, in the Adulam region of the Judean Hills where every step outside is a small trip to nature. Here I have combined my love to nature, and to people, and I invite you to join me on cycling, hiking and walking tours throughout the region and all around the land of Israel. My experience with different types of travellers promises you a customised tour whether you are a family with children, youth or adult. Israel, Adulam and I have something exciting and interesting to give each of you.