A cycling tour of Jerusalem is a unique new way to experience this iconic city, especially if you have already visited it before, but also if this is your first time. Recently, new bike tracks have been added in key location, and the city has become more friendly to cyclists.

With our expert guides, we will take you on a magical ride, and reveal to you new and exciting aspects of this unique city. We will match the ride, route and pace to you, the rider. We will of course be stopping along the route to appreciate the sites, learn new facts, and together enjoy a long lasting memorable experience!

Among many locations and options, we offer tours of the various national sites, the bustling city center, the quaint and quiet neighborhoods adjacent to the city center, the city observation points (such as the Talpiot promenade), the surrounding city parks, and even the Old City alleys (on our night tours).

A few more details, costs and options

There are 2 options for this tour. Please see below:

A shorter option, for those who want to focus –

  • Up to 4 hours tour, either in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night.
  • We supply the bicycles, helmets, and a guide of-course.
  • Starting/ending point at our bikes’ location in the city.

The longer option, for those with more time in their plan –

  • Up to a full day!
  • We supply the bicycles, helmets, a guide of-course, and some refreshments.
  • More options in terms of routes.
  • Starting/ending point is flexible (Subject only to parking/traffic issues).
  • We can make it a longer ride, or have optional additions on the route  –

Visit museums, stop at visitor centers, have a drink or lunch on the way, stop for a featured tour such as culinary/market/art tours, and more…

This tour can be handled in a few ways. For details, costs and options – please contact us! (Best is to start with an email…).